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    Like It??? We loved it!!! And we think you did too, given the number of messages we’ve received at HQ.
    The whole weekend was action-packed from start to finish but our innovative GRAND FINAL prize giving is the bit that gets everyone. There were loads of happy tears in the room as some of the smallest winners were up there not just ON but actually IN the Giant Screen… FAB U LUSS!!!
    Barrowlands is a unique venue but not the easiest to set up…. Literally everything has to be carried up to the 2nd floor…. From the seats to the screen! We would both like to thank everyone who worked so hard all weekend…

    Alan for the HUGE technical in-put on which everything relied…
    Jay for the fantastic and sometimes hypnotic visuals…
    James Cook and his gang, both backstage and front of house…
    Justine and her happy band of scrutineers…
    Our DJ’s, Co-Hosts and Judges – “Sissy That Walk!!!”
    Our very own Hostest with the Mostest – Daisy aka Daniel…
    And, of course Bryn for… well, being himself!!! Maybe next time he will win a trophy!!!

    A final THANK YOU to YOU, our dancers and parents, teachers and helpers – an event can ultimately only be as good as the competitors… and you were all FANTASTIC!!!
    See you all again very soon.
    Gary & Pat X


    Oct 5th – 7th 2018




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