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    What can we say? The Barrowland Ballroom has it’s own distinct atmosphere that all of us at Team Dancelines love – and, going by your reaction, you do to! It quickly became one of the “MUST DO” events of the year – and this year was just brilliant from first to last!

    The set-up in Glasgow is probably the most difficult of any of our FAB FOUR (soon to be FIVE!)… but when you see the effect it has on your dancing, it’s truly worth it.

    THANK YOU – Team Dancelines. You all come together and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has the best possible time!

    THANK YOU – Dance Teachers. You put in the effort to help make your dancers become the best. You encourage, you applaud, you console – you live every moment.

    And perhaps, most importantly, THANK YOU – DANCERS. Quite simply without you there would be no event. Watching you excitedly wait back-stage for your very first round… to seeing the top 3 stand “in the Giant TV”… Just FABULOUS!!!

    From Eurodance to DKKQ, the Spanish Fiesta to Glasgow, and now our new event for June 2019 – V.I.P. there are some constant factors to all of our Independent Promotions… A determination to make each event as fair and balanced as we possibly can.

    Professionalism mixed with lunacy…
    Slick presentation with added mild hysteria…
    Lunacy mixed with Professionalism (YOU SEE!!!)

    We appreciate each and every one of you that come to our events – and take nothing for granted. We will always do our best for you – to allow you to do your very best in return.

    Be it in Blackpool Tower Ballroom – Brean Sands, Somerset – Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol, Preston Guild Hall or back in
    Barrowlands…….we look forward to seeing you all again very soon… and, for just one last time…



    Oct 4th – 6th 2019



    GLASGOW 2019 Programme


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