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    • SPANISH FIESTA more ╗ on 10 May 2019 04:00 pm
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    • Question – Is the seating reserved at Eurodance?
    • Answer – Yes from seating is reserved at this event.


    • Question – Can you buy a day pass for Eurodance?
    • Answer – Weekend passes only which include on-site accommodation.


    • Question – What is the International Team Match?
    • Answer – The International Team Match is a competition between nations. ┬áAll schools are involved in the team match and a team captain is selected by Dancelines to represent each country. ┬áThe team captain then chooses dancers to represent there nation.


    • Question – What is the dress code for the WHITE NIGHT at Eurodance?
    • Answer – Something you would wear to any White themed party at a smart night club or your favorite local Disco. ┬áPlease note – There is no need to spend money, just anything white you can find in your wardrobe will suffice! ┬áThe outfit can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Please note – Freestyle costumes are not allowed.

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