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  • DKKQ Qualifying Heats FAQ’s

    • Question – Where can I buy tickets for the upcoming qualifying heats?
    • Answer – To order tickets for the qualifying heats, you must contact our heat organiser. 

    • Question – What is the dress code for the qualifying heats?
    • Answer – FREESTYLE BEGINNER DRESS RULE: PLEASE stick to the FREESTYLE BEGINNER DRESS RULE for both qualifying sections… this does apply to hair ribbons as well… Keep it plain and simple… for those that are still in doubt… Here’s the rule:Beginners. No glitter is allowed on the dancer’s face, body or hair. Beginners may only wear items of a plain colour, close fitting, basic design “Dance Wear” either one or two piece. Each item must be one single colour without added decoration of any type (i.e. no cut outs, latticework, belts, anklets, slits/slashes or leg warmers) Commercial sports wear is not allowed. Matching hair ties/scrunchies that meet the criteria are allowed.

      This dress code only applies to the Disco Kid King Queen and Slowdance Superstar heats. Costumes MAY be worn at SOME of the supporting events, if you wish (but you need to check with each heat organiser about their particular programme on the day).


    • Question – If my child has an age change before the DKKQ  finals do they qualify in current age group or the age group which they would be in at the finals?
    • Answer – They would qualify in their current age group.  If successful in qualifying for the grand finals at a qualifying heat, you will then receive a qualifying form.  On this form their is a section where you can let us know of an age change at the DKKQ finals.

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