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  • Spanish Fiesta – Sunset Beach Club, Costa Del Sol, Spain

    Ole, Ole… Ole, Ole… Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!!!
    I’ve used it before… but the words of the song really came to life at the Spanish Fiesta 2018… What a weekend (for those that can remember?!?!?)

    The weather didn’t let us down it was a scorcher! We had the usual dash for the sun-beds followed by hours of sun-bathing, splashing around in one of the three pools, partying all day… oh, and a bit of dancing too!!!
    The Friday, Beach Party Night was FAB!!! Grass Skirts, flower garlands, rubber swimming caps… and that was just myself and Daisy!! It was great to see you all enter the spirit of things (Spirit being a very apt word!) A special mention, of course, to the South Of England, Out Of Water Synchronised Swimming Formation Team Trained by the Siren of The Seas, Chantelle “Flipper” Plumley… Great to see them all on Friday and again, performing their new routine “Titanic” by the pool on Sunday too.
    With a unique display of horn blowing from Princess Dis-Grace herself – Squealia Matthewson, Spanish hand clapping from Tom Evans, Cabaret spots from a brilliant team of Flamenco dancers and Darnell Alexander bringing his usual style and creativity to the floor it really was non-stop action. As for the competitions – the Slow and Freestyle sections on both Saturday and Sunday nights events were truly fantastic.

    The MOONLIGHT Cabaret Club is a perfect venue for us, it helps create that heady mix of sound, light and atmosphere that this type of special event needs. And the new €100,000 lighting and video wall system took the Fiesta to a whole new “Night-Club” level… and, at the end of the evening, all you do is walk back to your room and get ready for the following day in the sun – JUST PERFECT!

    The whole Spanish Fiesta experience is unique… and is now squarely on the “to do” list… as the 100 plus who missed out can testify. Those that were there made it a vintage year… those that were missing… next time – BOOK EARLY!!!
    On a personal level I’d like to thank everyone who helped us all have such a good time:
    The Dancers – Superb!
    The Parents – Lunatics!!
    The Teachers – Superb Lunatics!!!
    The Hotel Team – How they cope with us I have no idea?!?!?
    Team Dancelines – Smithers, Hames, Conchita, Rimmel Staines, Sticky Goo and, of course, Daisy… all of you are TRUE STARS.
    Your Festival organisers – Rizla & Wacky… without them, none of it would happen!

    Thanks for all the kind words that so many of you had to say… it really is hard work ensuring that you all enjoy the party. The madness, the mayhem, the sheer lunacy – it doesn’t come easy… BUT, please remember… if anyone is offended by anything that is said or done on stage… DAISY makes me say it!!! He does… REALLY!!!

    From me… El Toro – The Maestro – Bryn




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