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    Disco Kid, King & Queen

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2016 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    How do we sum up in one single post the biggest and most prestigious event in the freestyle calendar?
    Simple – The greatest freestyle show on earth

    The live audience reaction says it all. The noise and atmosphere in this, the most famous ballroom in the world, surpassed by miles all the razzmatazz of Strictly Come Dancing held here the week before.

    This is the one that everyone wants, the most envied title of them all!

    Congratulations Ayla Shearer, Syesha Lily Byrne Murphy, Kiera Wild, Cody Adams, Kyle Hoey, Amour Sumugaysay, Joakim Visnes, Summer Farrar, Ben Randell, Rachel Irvine, Paul Roche, Amy Stewart, Darnell Alexander.
    You are the Dawn of Legends – Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

    Big thanks to our fantastic team – Master of Ceremonies, Comperes, Adjudicators, DJ’s, Scrutineers, Backstage and Floor stewards, lighting and sound engineers, camera crew, security staff, Tower staff and our fantastic Cabaret – Dancing with the Stars professionals Ryan & Ksenia.
    You were all amazing!

    Thank you all for your massive support – Incredible teachers, amazing parents, and the fabulous talented kids.
    Merry Christmas from all at Dancelines 

    See you at Eurodance 2017 for a very special 30 year anniversary!

    Gary & Pat Waite

    Event Organisers, Dancelines


    LOGO 2011


    DKKQ Grand Finals

    Blackpool Tower Ballroom

    1st – 3rd December 2017







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