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    “It’s in the SMALL Hall?!?!?”… “It’s going to be awful”… “We’ll be dancing all night”…
    Like you, we read the posts… we shared your fears… but when, with just two weeks to go, our main event space was ruled out… we went into overdrive to make EURODANCE 2019 the best that we could and everyone that walked into Lunars had to do a double-take!!!

    From 4pm on Friday right through to 10.30pm on Sunday the atmosphere was electric… The dancing was superb… The support was unbelievable… and, when we got to the International Team Match it really did seem as though we were going to take the roof off a second venue!!! (All of us still have nightmares about the Spice “Girls”)

    The Sunday evening Grand Final Dance-Offs just emphasised the talent on display… how anyone could pick their winner… but they did… and now those winners will be joining us for the Spanish Fiesta… Watch out Costa Del Sol!!!

    We couldn’t fit every event, from two venues, into one… but Brean Leisure Park came to the rescue! Their “Bucket and Spade” space was perfect for our Showdance, Street and Rock & Rollers… Held together by Dame Janet De Low and DJ Aunty Emm. It was a perfect counter-balance to Lunars… and helped to make the weekend what it was.

    We always like to thank those that work so hard to bring our events to life… but this time their efforts went truly beyond all expectations!

    Alan and his team – What a transformation you made to Lunars, unbelievable!

    Jay and his team – The visuals were, once again superb and brought the stage to life…

    James and the Dancelines “Boys” – From seating to trophies, line-ups to rubbish… the hours those guys work in a day is incredible…

    Our DJ’s – James Kent and Tucker Purcell – Great “Tooons” all weekend… really helping the dancers do their very best!

    Our scrutineer team – Beavering away in the back… the only word to describe them is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

    Our Judges, Hosts, Diane as our chair – again, all constituent parts without which, the weekend would not have been the same…

    And then there’s Daisy!!! – Daniel, (Bryns’ evil, MUCH OLDER brother) is there first thing in the morning right through to the end. From presenting the first rounds through to organising the prize winners and everything in between… He is the perfect “Right Hand Man” allowing Bryn time to take in the Pontins Spa, Solarium and Steam room etc.

    If we have forgotten anyone please forgive us… we are beyond grateful to everyone that helped make the weekend the success that it was.

    But maybe the loudest applause… The greatest cheer… The noisiest of horn blowing… should be reserved for all of the professionals, competitors and supporters who ignored the social media “experts” and still came to the party… MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

    We look forward to seeing you all again soon at another action-packed Dancelines event!!!

    Gary, Pat & Bryn






    Fri 27th March –

    Mon 30th March 2020




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